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Every now and then you see something truly unique in sports. This flip catch has a hint of Jerome Simpson, but with an original twist.
This football player snagged an incredible sideline catch. The aerial ability and body control might mean a second career in gymnastics.
The record for the longest field goal kick in the NFL is 64 yards. This 16-year-old puts it through the uprights from only two yards shorter than that.
Jashaun Corbin is a player defensive backs worry might embarrass them in the open field. But will he get touches at FSU with so much competition?
A sneaky defender thought they could get a late hit on University of Florida commit Jalynn Williams after he crossed the goal line. It did not end well for the defender.
In basketball, defenders get posterized. In football, like a recent high school battle in Texas, they get "Randy Moss'd."
Terrell Owens would appreciate this one. High school football star, Trejan Bridges, took the touchdown celebration to new heights of hilarity. See what we mean.
Two players put together impressive touchdown runs, but you be the judge of which one was better. The shake 'n' bake has been mastered.
A fine TD attempt brought to an abrupt end. This brutal tackle by Instagram user Sean Bodhaine makes you either watch it on replay or look away.
A flag football game featured a catch that rivals OBJ's most iconic one-handed snag from a couple years ago.
The Florida Gators could use a spark on offense so their kicker Eddy Pineiro is expanding his range, starting with an 81-yard field goal.
It's not often you see a player who looks like a video game. But this guy stiff-armed so many would-be tacklers, it's like he's a Madden "Create-A-Player."
Elijah Moore is another uber talented wide receiver to come out of Florida, but recent footage from the "All Hands" program might mean future NFL stardom.
There's no age limit on breaking ankles.
Never underestimate your opponent, especially when all your friends are watching.
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